Boho Hobo Supports The FIRE Movement

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Anyone heard of the FIRE Movement?

Recently, we've been researching into this and realizing that the Boho Hobo Lifestyle can align with it nicely. 

According to Dave Ramsey, "F.I.R.E. stands for “Financial Independence, Retire Early.” The goal is to save and invest very aggressively—somewhere between 50–75% of your income—so you can retire with a passive income sometime in your 30s or 40s." 

An aspect of Boho Hobo is to showcase how you can create meaning in your life without needing a buttload of money. It's about understanding that the process to fulfill our innate human abilities/values is what gives us purpose. 

Personally, we do this through personal development in talents/skills/mindset, knowledge acquisition, community development, outdoor recreation, holistic health, creative projects, and multimedia production. See more about our mission on the About page 

We're inspired by the FIRE movement because it redefines success. Instead of living in a mansion and driving fast cars, we believe that an alternative to success is achieving financial freedom that supports a minimalist lifestyle that allows you to pursue human values. This provides freedom from being chained to work a full time job just to pay your bills.

We share this message to inform you all that there is a way out of having to slave yourself for "The Man" if you are financially responsible and choose to live the Boho Hobo Lifestyle. 


For Further education: 

A big key takeaway from our research in the FIRE Movement is to start investing as early as possible so that you can get the most amount of returns on your investments when you decide to retire. A good investment strategy is to open up an Individual Account and invest in a Dividend ETF or Mutual Fund. This will allow you to take money out before the retirement age of 65 and provide a monthly stream of passive income from the dividend yield. 

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