Life Coaching

Co-Founder of Boho Hobo, Kyle Fisk is offering free first time Life Coaching sessions! Kyle is a Behavioral Health Registered Nurse who has extensive understanding in psychology, sociology, and philosophy. 


Hi nice to meet you! My name's Kyle Fisk.


My mission is to help individuals facilitate personal development so that meaningful and purposeful impact can be created. Through therapeutic conversation, my goal is to actively listen and provide open-ended questions that can help you unlock a deeper understanding of your self.


Life is full of opportunities and choices. My life coaching style is designed to help you identify and recognize your thoughts, emotions, and behavior so that you can make informed decisions that are authentic to you.


Life coaching is not for me to tell you how to live your life. Instead, I will provide a non-judgmental setting that allows you to figure out the answers for yourself and offer suggestions when asked.


As a Life Coach, I will provide guidance for individuals to:  

- Increase awareness and understanding of oneself
- Reinforce self-motivation and self-direction
- Re-affirm acceptance of oneself
- Resolve ambivalence in decision-making
- Gain a deeper understanding of emotional processing and thought patterns
- Create a meaningful and purposeful plan for the future


All the best in your journey

Kyle Fisk RN


Feel free to send me a message on Facebook, if you are interested in my service.

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